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Prostate Cancer Awareness at the Baseball Winter Meetings

Fans for the Cure collaborated with Scripps Health at the 2014 Baseball Winter Meetings to provide free prostate cancer screenings at the San Diego Convention Center.

The screenings were open to all attendees of the Winter Meetings, which serve as the annual convention of the “business of baseball” and are officially hosted by Minor League Baseball (MiLB). The meetings are expected to attract more than 3,000 executives from Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball organizations.

Ed Randall at the Winter Meetings

“We thank Minor League Baseball for allowing Ed Randall’s Fans for The Cure to bring this screening to the Winter Meetings for the third consecutive year,” said Ed Randall, founder and CEO. “We are especially proud to partner with nationally renowned Scripps Health on this year’s screening, for they are recognized leaders in life-saving treatments for prostate cancer. As a survivor myself, their work is very important to me.”

Dr. Carol Salem of Scripps Health

“PSA screenings save lives,” said Carol Salem, M.D., a urologic oncology surgeon and medical director of Scripps Health’s Robotic Surgery Program. “The cure rate for prostate cancer has increased significantly since widespread use of PSA testing began in the early 1990s. When diagnosed early, at the local or regional stages, national survival rates are nearly 100 percent. Men with a strong family history of the disease and African-American men can benefit from annual PSA screenings starting at age 40, while most other men should talk with their doctor about getting regular PSA screening starting at age 50.”

Pat O’Conner, MLB President & CEO

“As a homegrown Minor League Baseball charity partner, our organization fully supports Ed Randall’s Fans for the Cure and its mission of spreading prostate cancer awareness and education,” said Pat O’Conner, Minor League Baseball President & CEO. “We hope by creating opportunities such as this one for individuals to become better informed about this disease and to be tested, we play a small part in saving someone’s life.”

After his own successful prostate cancer treatment at age 47, Ed Randall founded his charitable organization, which has held educational and screening events in partnership with several teams in Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League.


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All-Star Wiffle Ball Tournament

Fans4theCure Prostate Cancer Awareness Event

The teenagers and preteens who swung bats and fielded groundballs on the turf at NYA Sports & Fitness Center earlier this month were carefree, and feeling good. Men over the age of 40 — although maybe not as limber and free-spirited on the whole — may have about the same level of overall comfort in their health as these young athletes. But they are at risk of dealing with something that can become deadly if not spotted early and treated properly: prostate cancer.

The disease, which often has no symptoms and must be attacked early on, was the basis for which the Ed Randall All-Star Wiffle Ball Tournament was held.

Randall, who hosts a popular Sunday morning talk show on WFAN radio, Talking Baseball, uses his popularity in sports talk — and past battle with prostate cancer — to increase prostate cancer awareness and education. Soon after going into remission, about a decade ago, Randall realized there must be thousands, perhaps millions, of men just like him who felt fine but were developing the deadly disease. Randall, after all, didn’t feel any differently when he was diagnosed. That’s when he created Ed Randall’s Fans for the Cure, a 501(c)( 3) organization dedicated through the world of sports and athletes to increase the awareness of prostate cancer in men and educate them and the people who love them about the most current techniques in treatment, prevention, and early detection.

“We like to say that if we’re saving one life we’re batting 1.000,” said Randall, who brings up the importance of men monitoring their health and taking steps to avoid the disease on his talk show.

The All-Star Wiffle Ball Tournament was held primarily to get the word out about prostate cancer, with proceeds going to Fans for the Cure. The timing of the event is appropriate with September being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Although Randall is a diehard baseball enthusiast, he recognizes that catching the disease early is more important than teams catching base runners. The level of interest that baseball draws, however, gives him a platform for getting the word out — and even doing some screenings.

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F4C & NY Yankees Free Prostate Cancer Screening

prostate cancer awareness event

Ed Randall's Fans for the Cure teams up with the New York Yankees to save lives from Prostate Cancer... and here's the proof!

The St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center has disclosed the results of the joint free prostate cancer screening conducted by the New York Yankees in conjunction with Ed Randall’s Fans for the Cure.

Before and during the September 3rd game against the Chicago White Sox, 125 fans and Yankees employees took advantage of complimentary PSA exams designed to save their lives.

An astonishing 33 men were notified in phone calls from the hospital that they were found to have an elevated PSA and will invited for follow-up care.

This percentage is considered far beyond the normal range found in typical screenings.

Ed Randall, Founder and CEO, remarked, “We hope that what St. Luke’s-Roosevelt found in their analysis of the blood samples was not 33 new cases of prostate cancer. Let it be 33 cases of prostatitis, a virus.”

Randall continued, “If you are a man over the age of 40 who thinks it cannot happen to you, it can. These men answered our call to action, standing on line at Yankee Stadium presumably feeling fine but anxious to find out the state of their medical condition. Thanks to the New York Yankees and our sponsors, now they know how insidious prostate cancer, a disease with no symptoms, is. Yet again, as in my experience, early detection saves lives.”

With regard to recent assertions by some in the medical community that men need not submit to prostate cancer screenings, Randall said, “I have another 33 reasons, living, breathing reasons who will attest personally to the value of our successful ‘Know Your Score’ national campaign. Here is proof positive as to the life-saving value of prostate cancer screenings.”

Ed Randall’s Fans for the Cure was established in 2003, dedicated to the proposition of spreading the twin gospels of prostate cancer awareness and the life-saving value of early detection, of which Ed Randall, a cancer survivor, can attest.

George Washington Bridge Bathed In Blue

The George Washington Bridge will be lit light blue as part of an awareness campaign for prostate cancer during the month of September, which is officially recognized as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. The lights will come on Wednesday, September 4 at nightfall.

Ed Randall, founder of Ed Randall’s Fans For The Cure, offered these words:” The George Washington Bridge is one of our nation’s great symbols. It unites two great states and is a source of pride for our region. Having it lit in light blue will help us immensely in our awareness and education efforts on prostate cancer. It is an incredible recognition for all of us who help to fight this terrible disease. We hope this symbolic reminder will encourage many men to see their doctor for that all important checkup”.

Said PANYNJ Commissioner Richard H. Bagger: Prostate cancer is personal to me and my
family. I lost my father to the disease over a decade ago. While many significant strides are being made in its treatment, the best way to prevent prostate cancer is for men to have a regular check up. The Port Authority is proud that the lights on the George Washington Bridge can help focus attention on prostate cancer awareness to promote longer, healthier lives. Read more about Prostate Cancer.

Ed Randall’s Fans For The Cure thanks volunteer Bill Healey, of Raritan Twp. NJ, for initiating the discussion between the Charity and the PANYNJ.

Prostate Cancer Rountable Press Release

New PSA Recommendations from U.S. Preventive Services Task Force are a Disservice to Men

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2012 PRNewswire-USNewswire - The Prostate Cancer Roundtable expressed deep disappointment today as the U.S.